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Cast acrylic sheets can reach almost ten times the impact-resistance of glass, making them less susceptible to breakages by common hazards such as footballs or Wii remotes. In addition to its high-tolerance to trauma, it boasts a UV resistance and a 15 to 20 year lifespan when used outside, with very little between it and the elements.

Ideal for a range of applications, cast acrylic has a bright finish and a consistent thickness, making it perfectly suited for customisation and personalised fabrication. Additionally, it fuses remarkably well with appropriate solvent based adhesives.

Cast acrylic has a lower forming temperature, making it exceedingly easier to mould and reshape when the need arises. The material is easily cut and drilled with common power tools found in the average home, but care must be taken to ensure the material is not pushed too hard as this may result in it splitting.

Benefits of this type of acrylic include:

Half the weight of glass

Impact resistant

Unaffected by sun or salt spray

Temperature range of -30 to 160° F for continuous service

Good outdoor weathering

Easy and cost effective fabrication

Fully recyclable

Excellent surface hardness and durability

Superb chemical resistance - better than most plastics

Food gradable

Easy to clean and maintain

Please Note: Acrylic sheets should not be used at the rear of gas/electric hobs without protection or within close proximity to a high heat source.

Colour of sheets may differ slightly due to variances in your computer display.

White Cast 3014 Acrylic Sheets Cut to Size

Quick Overview

Suitable for a range of plastic sheeting projects and cut to any size. The maximum sheet size is 3050mm x 2030mm. White plastic or acrylic sheeting has a bright, glossy finish. Applications include kitchen splashbacks as it is a cost effective alternative to glass and tiling as well as bespoke fabrications.

The sheet is cut to your chosen size and the edges are sawn. If you want polished edges or shapes we would be quite happy to give you a price. Please email or ring the office.

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Polished Edges

Polishing creates a clean, crisp edge to your acrylic and is recommended when your project requires a very professional finish. Polishing makes the edge crystal clear so you can see right through to the other side.

The two photos below show the difference between an unfinished (left) and polished (right) edge.

PVC Edge Banding

Finish your bespoke order with quality edge banding to conceal raw material edges. PVC edge banding is the most popular plastic used for edge banding and it gives a high impact resistant finish.

The number entered (in mm) will define the radius of your rounded corners.

Please note: The corner radius value must not exceed half the length of the shortest side.

For reference a 2 pence piece has a radius of approximately 13mm and a DVD has a radius of 60mm.