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Hygienic Wall Cladding

Hygienic wall cladding offers a cost effective method of producing a complete hygienic area that is easy to clean and can be used in numerous situations. It conforms to EEC regulations and offers a durable, impervious, smooth surface that protects decoration and paintwork from scuffs and gives a smart finish.

    Toilet and shower areas
    Food preparation rooms
    Changing Rooms
    Wet Areas

Hygienic Wall Cladding in Public Conveniences Hygienic Wall Cladding in Walkways & Corridors  

The Wall Cladding System

The Wall Cladding System consists of large flat sheets of Hygienic Plastic EEC Approved.

White PVC Sheets (class 1) come in 2440 X 1220 X 2mm or 3mm White Polypropylene Sheets (class 4) come in 2440 X 1220 X 2mm or 3mm and 3050 X 1220 X 2mm or 3mm.

Each sheet is joined to the next by an 'H' shaped joining strip, while 'J' shaped edge pieces run along the top and bottom of the sheets. These 'joints' and 'edges' are screwed to the wall through their wider back sections, so that every sheet is secured on all four edges.

The sheets themselves hide all the fixings that are holding them there. Internal and External Angles are fitted in and around the room to make a perfect installation. Alternatives are available where unusual building features demand. Full but simple instructions are included with every project.

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